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Mad lamb- Moroccan lamb skewer 卯起來吃羊之摩洛哥羊肉串

我個人認為,英國最好吃的肉是"羊肉", 英國人可能會忿忿不平的說,我怎麼可以認為他們的牛肉沒有美國牛好吃,但....美國那可能會得老年癡呆症的牛真的是"勝". 但無論如何,我很贊同英國人飲食的一個好觀念,要吃在地當令的食材, 超市的肉品都會標上英國本土飼養,進口的反而還沒賣那麼好呢!而英國得天獨厚的氣候和地形,剛好成就了羊肉的美味! 多雨的天氣幫助牧草生長,羊兒吃的肥嘟嘟的,而多丘陵的地形,吃完剛好可以運動運動,難怪英國的羊吃起來都沒有什麼羊腥味,還很多汁! 這一餐是羊肉大餐,吃完這一餐,我想我有好一陣子不會吵著要吃羊肉了!哈...今天先來分享烤羊肉串!
In my opinion, the best thing I have in UK is LAMB! It might be can refer to the natural circumstance like weather and  landform. Rich raining gives the benefit to grow fresh grass and the hill is the best landform for herding. Lamb is also the only wildly farmed animal in UK, especially in the Wales and Scotland area. However, different cuts have different flavour. Today I made a whole lamb meal including of neck fillet and racks of lamb. After that, I think I'll avoid lamb for a while. lol... However, I'll share the lamb neck fillet first. 

摩洛哥迷迭香羊肉串 Moroccan Lamb kebabs

Lamb neck fillet. It is the cut Kebab house they use.

1. 羊頸肉
2. 迷迭香一小叢
3. 1茶匙孜然
4. 1茶匙芫荽子
5. 1茶匙茴香籽
6. 1茶匙黑胡椒粒
7. 1茶匙紅乾辣椒粉
8. 1茶匙海鹽
1. lamb neck fillet
2. a small handful of rosemary
3. 1 tea spoon cumin seeds
4. 1 tea spoon coriander seeds
5. 1 tea spoon fennel seeds
6. 1 tea spoon black peppercorns
7. 1 tea spoon dried red chillies
8. 1 teas spoon sea salt
9. 1 table spoon olive oil


Step 1
using a pestle and mortar, smash up the spices and salt until you have a powder

用重物拍鬆羊頸肉,會使肉質更軟嫩,使用迷迭香的根來串羊肉塊,小技巧是用小小刀先穿過羊肉塊,接下來迷迭香的根就很容易穿過去啦! 串好以後,將之前搗好的香料及海鹽,均勻的抹在羊肉塊上,最後淋上些許橄欖油,就可以送進烤箱啦!

Step 2
bash meat pieces by using sth heavy and flat. It makes the meat tender. Using rosemary sticks to skewer  pieces of meat. Rub spicy powder smashed before all over the meat. Sprinkle some sea salt. Place on a baking tray and drizzle with olive oil.


Step 3
Preheat the oven to 200C/400F. Roast in the preheated oven for 10 to 12 minutes. Bty, my landlord's backing tray is dirty, so I couldn't use the rack. Using rack is better than foil and gives the meat beautiful appearance. 


烤羊肉串我有點烤過頭了,10~12分鐘會比較剛好,上面搗的很辛苦的香料,發揮了其功用,吃起來很香,不過不要像我一樣懶惰,香料應該要在磨細一點,才不會一直吃到籽籽. 這烤羊肉串的做法真的非常簡單,程序簡單來說只有,搗香料--->串肉--->磨香料,鹽,油--->烤,完成! 週末的時候來點地中海風料理,感覺真的會很不錯喔!
It's a really simple recipe. The process can be briefly summarised like this, grind spices---> skewer meat---> rub spices, salt & oil---> roast, DONE. My skewer is a bit overcooked, so it looks dark, 10 to 12 min would be proper time. The mix spices really gives the lamb flavour, but the powder should be ground really fine. Eating the skewers with houmous and bread just feels like in heaven. You may try the mediterranean taste in the weekend. It makes you feel good!

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